Thursday, March 31, 2011

All About Tropical Treasures Dealer and Exporter: Hershell Seacrafts Exports

Rare and exotic sea shell collections, Native jewelries, Fine handicrafts, Unique creations, Gift ideas and Souvenirs. We’ve got them!

Hershell Seacrafts Exports is a DTI duly licensed company that specializes in the exportation and trading of exquisite sea shell and marine product collections and native handicrafts. We are based at B. Aranas Extension St., Cebu City, Philippines 6000 and serve clients in major continents worldwide. 

Cebu- our location, is one of tropical Philippines’ premiere business hubs for marine exports and other by-products due to its ideal location that’s seated right at the heart of the country. Rare and exotic products and businesses from all neighboring islands normally converge here for trade and expo. 
Since our establishment in 2008, we have focused on the expansion of services further to better meet customer stringent needs for their elegant collections plus, we offer personalized service for total customer satisfaction. 
Hershell Seacrafts Exports is owned and managed by highly reliable professionals with years of expertise in the business of selecting only the finest sea shells and other marine products that’s accustomed to the highest standards, selling, proper handling and prompt delivery of goods to customers. 

Our fine handicraft and jewelry collections come from indigenous materials creatively designed by noted designers and meticulously hand woven by highly skilled workers. We guarantee 100% all our products have passed the strictest Quality Control, Health (Fumigation and Quarantine) and Legal (Customs and Tariff) standards before shipment to customers.

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Rare and Exotic Seashells, Native Jewelries, Souvenirs and Fine Handicraft Collections
Source: Hershell Seacrafts Exports 2015

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