Friday, January 24, 2014

Exotic Starfishes, Sea Urchins and Sundollars

Starfish and Seashell Ornaments

We have a wide range of Starfish collections, Sea urchins and Sundollars to choose from. Whether it be for ornaments or specimens, we have the best selection that's assured to be meticulously cleaned and inspected 100% in lined to today's handicraft standards before arriving at your doorstep. Contact us now for your orders. 

Dyed and Multi-colored Starfishes
Mini Starfishes
Long Spine Starfishes
Flat Starfishes
Sugar Starfishes
Pink Sea Urchins
Green Sea Urchins
Sputnik Sea Urchins
Pancake Sundollars

B. Aranas St. Cebu City, Philippines


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